Money Matters!

Money is Important. It has the power to add to or detract from all areas of our lives.

But, we are bad at money.

Human nature has developed physiologically, psychologically, and culturally to be bad at money.

Regardless of age, assets, or experience – everyone needs sound unbiased financial advice and can benefit from personal financial planning.

Of course, we all start in a different place. No matter where you are in life, I’m glad you have found your way here.

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About Jonathan DeYoe

Jonathan DeYoe is a financial adviser by trade, a husband and father, a practicing Buddhist and the best-selling author of Mindful Money. The underlying principle of his writing, his speaking, his digital advice platform, and his private wealth management firm is simple:…anyone can be financially successful through planning, discipline and patience. Both financial outcomes AND our personal happiness can be improved with better ‘plan-informed’ choices.

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Perhaps you are just starting out, paying off some small debts, and building your emergency savings – Check out my book, Mindful Money: Simple Practices for Reaching Your Financial Goals and Increasing Your Happiness Dividend. 

I wrote Mindful Money for people who…
Struggle with a difficult family financial history
have a negative relationship with money
do not have access to positive money mentorship
have challenges around money itself.
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event as:
A small group workshop
A main-stage keynote, or
Part of a panel discussion.

Mindful Money

You are already well established. You may have RSUs from an employer; you may be a doctor or attorney; you may run your own business. You are mid-late career. You have saved and invested well; and… your life is getting complex. There are more people relying on you and the cost of making a big mistake has gotten a lot higher. You no longer want to go it alone.

You may have kids in college. You may be watching your parents age, wondering where your responsibility may kick in. You may be looking out 5, 10, 15 years at retirement, wondering about that retirement income that keeps up with your retirement lifestyle. You may simply be worried about rising healthcare costs.

Whatever the specifics, you simply don’t have time to do it yourself and you are ready for Mindful Money’s seamless, proactive service. You are ready for a personal CFO – someone that brings a disciplined, comprehensive and coordinated process to your family’s finances.

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