tgimSeptember 23rd, 2019 by Jonathan DeYoe
ICYMI: Last Friday’s TGIF: Relationships, Meaning, and Happiness Links

Want to update your thinking, look to what you are reading.

  • Go ahead, be a little unreasonable. Being stuck is reasonable. (Seth’s Blog – Seth Godin)
  • Is “stamina” the new grit? Stamina Succeeds. (overcoming bias – Robin Hanson)
  • “Them” isn’t so different from “Us.” A lot of differences are pure perspective. Immutable Truths and Arguing Fools. (Collaborative Fund – Morgan Housel)
  • The few common elements of reliable (bordering on inevitable) financial success. Play the Hits. (Above the Market – Bob Seawright)
  • The whole idea of “retirement” is in flux. What Retirement Means Now. (NYT – Eilene Zimmerman)