Stacks of golden coins, color toning applied.

We are changing Happiness to Mindful and Dividend to Money

DeYoe Wealth Management, a provider of comprehensive wealth management and financial education services for more than 20 years, announced today the change of their financial literacy brand identity, name, and tagline. “Only the orange smiley-face remains,” says Jonathan DeYoe, the organization’s founder. As of Nov. 15th, 2019 Happiness Dividend will be Mindful.Money. 

“Over the past 20 years, we’ve built a strong reputation for providing education, comprehensive planning, and evidence-based investing with a tight focus on client outcomes,” said Jonathan DeYoe – Mindful.Money’s founder, “We all know that ‘man’ is NOT a rational animal – that we are literally bursting with emotional and cognitive bias. At Mindful.Money, we believe understanding how the mind works is the path to overcoming our biases and improving our financial outcomes.”

Changing out the words “Happiness Dividend” in favor of the name “Mindful Money” brings the financial literacy and education brand into alignment with the founders first book: Mindful Money: Simple Practices for Reaching Your Financial Goals and Increasing Your Happiness Dividend. Mindful.Money better represents the target message behind its financial education, personal success, and digital advisory services by reflecting our core message – that mindfulness can both increase happiness and well-being AND improve financial outcomes – in a way the old name did not.

“This is an exciting change for us and brings my larger message into perfect alignment with the services we are offering, I only wish this URL were available when I launched Happiness Dividend years ago” said Jonathan DeYoe, the President of DeYoe Wealth Management and founder of Mindful.Money.